PSA 33:2014 - Standard for CCTV Monitoring and Alarm Monitoring Centres

Aug 21, 2014
Posted by: Stellar Certification
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The new standard for the licensing of CCTV Monitoring Centres and Alarm Monitoring Centres is titled "PSA Licensing Requirements - CCTV Monitoring and Alarm Monitoring Centres (PSA 33:2014)". The PSA have announced that existing certified companies,who are not currently in a position to progress directly towards certification to PSA 33:2014, must conduct a gap analysis between the existing standard,I.S. 228 and the new standard PSA 33:2014. This gap analysis must be completed by July 2017.

The licensing of CCTV Monitoring Centres will commence on the 1st November 2014 and this standard sets out the requirements for contractors seeking a licence in this sector.

Alarm Monitoring Centres have been licenced by the PSA since 2006. This new document sets increased standards for those operating in this sector.

A link to the new standard is available below.$file/PSA%20Licensing%20Requirements%20-%20CCTV%20Monitoring%20and%20Alarm%20Monitoring%20(PSA%2033-2014).pdf

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